FOOD: Ugly But Delicious Pumpkin Cookies

You’re thinking, “ew, I hate pumpkin, I don’t want to make a pumpkin cookie”.  Stop whining, these are good and not pumpkin-y at all, even though there is a whole can of the stuff in there.  I actually call them Katie’s Pumpkin Cookies since that’s who I demanded the recipe from after I tasted them, but my husband calls them Poo Pile Cookies.  Um…they are not attractive.  But they ARE delicious, I promise!  He eats them.

*stops to get up and eat another cookie*

Seriously – if I hadn’t just been making jewelry for two hours while watching Horrible Bosses, I would have finished off both cookie trays by now.  I’ll be stopping here for frequent snack breaks.

Just four ingredients

Just four ingredients

Part of why I like this recipe is there are only four ingredients (as shown, with my wicked awesome color-changing Kool-Aid spoon) – One egg, one box of spice cake mix, one can (15oz) of pureed pumpkin and 1 cup of chocolate chips.  Give or take a cup – any recipe can be improved by adding more than the recommended amount of chocolate chips, am I right?  I so am.  Plus, there  is no weird order of adding, no sifting, no hopping on one foot with your fingers crossed or other esoteric directions that if forgotten will make your baked goods combust into utter failure.  Just throw it all in a bowl and stir until it looks like…

Cookie batter

The Cookie Batter

Yes, that’s not terribly attractive but wait!  It gets better.  No, not really.  You place heaping spoonfuls on a greased cookie sheet about one inch apart (the cookies get a little puffy and cake-like) and slap them in a 375 degree oven for 12-15 minutes.

Finished cookies

Finished Cookies

Maybe they look a little scary, but it IS Halloween so they should.  They are awesome little cakes of happiness and if other people are afraid to eat them, that’s more for you.


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