OCM Update: I like cleaning with condiments

Short update on the oil cleansing method (OCM) since it’s been almost three weeks….still doing it.

Still liking it too, although sometimes I have to remember why I am doing it.  I want to not over-dry my skin with harsh chemicals that strip my face of essential oils and make my face produce even more oil to compensate.  Yes.  And in that respect, things are working.  The weather is changing to cool here and I am not having any tight or dry skin issues after cleansing.  But my two biggest skin problems are acne and hyper-pigmentation and I still don’t know what to do about those.  Theoretically my skin will clear up (zit-wise) as oil dissolves the oil plugging your pores.  But man, it’s hard to be patient.  On the other hand, nothing I was doing before seemed to be helping so it’s not like I stopped doing something that was working to change to OCM.  Blemishes are particularly bad this week so I’ve actually been wearing makeup which is rare, trying to cover them up.  You know that lady who puts on foundation in the hopes of masking the bad skin and inadvertently draws your attention to it even more?  Yeah, I’m  that lady right now.  I’m not sure if the OCM is to blame because really, it could just be my skin hating on me as usual.

I’m changing the oil formula slightly, after a small setback.  Mandy you were right.  Jojoba oil should not smell like much of anything.  My bottle was rancid.  So glad I figured that out before I put more than a little bit in my castor oil/EVOO mixture.  Bless Earth Fare for letting me exchange bottles without a receipt!  Now as I’m using up the mixture I made, I am adding a 25/75 mix of castor and jojoba to the bottle.  The smell is changing from salad dressing to not much of anything and the consistency is getting thinner.  Jojoba is supposed to be good for acne so here’s hoping.  In the morning in the shower, I am still washing my face with raw honey – supposedly antibacterial and antimicrobial.

I actually enjoy washing my face with condiments.

Now, if I could figure out how to fix the hyper-pigmentation, I’d be a pretty happy camper.  I’m on the right track to keeping it from getting worse now that I have a stockpile of my favorite  sunscreen to use every day, but every OTC product that promises to lighten what I’ve got isn’t doing squat.  I’ve tried Meladerm, Clinique, Olay, Aveeno products and they were a waste of time and money.  I’m half-heartedly using the Ambi on some spots now and I guess I don’t care if that doesn’t work because it’s only 4 bucks and doesn’t make me break out like the Meladerm did.  If I really wanted to get crazy (and some days I do) I would ask for a referral to a dermatologist and learn more about Fraxel laser treatments.  Egads, I’m willing to burn my face off.


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2 Responses to OCM Update: I like cleaning with condiments

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m going to give you more time on this one before I decide to switch over. Besides, I have some conventional Neutrogena face crap to use up first anyway. I’m juggling that with the Desert Essences face stuff I got from Wegmans. The Neutrogena definitely dries me up too much on my cheeks, but makes my chin oily. Yet I refuse to let it go to waste.

  2. I totally understand not wanting to waste stuff, I get excited every time I can throw something finished out. I just did a total change in the oil mix today and trying to find a once-in-a-while product called Concha Nacar #3 which is made from natural ingredients like oyster calcium and clay and lemon juice – supposed to wear as a mask and helps with acne AND discoloration. Bingo! Supposedly it cost @$4 and can be found at: any Walgreens, CVS, WalMart…except I just went to the drug stores and they don’t have it. Of course. But while I was checking to see if Earth Fare had it (no) I decided to pick up a bottle of grapeseed oil to replace the EVOO since some people complain that’s too heavy an oil. So my NEW formula is @30% castor, @35% Grapeseed and @35% jojoba. I’m told it takes time to find just the right mix for you.

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