OCM Relationship Status Update: It’s Complicated

I realized I haven’t mentioned lately where I’m at with the whole Oil Cleansing Method thing and maybe you are wondering if I just finally took a blowtorch to my face.  Well…I’m still using the cleansing oils, but with a shit ton of other stuff.

My face has a lot of baggage.

I know, I know, I was trying to simplify.  But I was also trying to get the ridiculous adult acne under control and I thought simplifying would be the answer.  I still believe oil is the best thing for your face, especially jojoba oil, but I had to add some chemicals back in – and a secret weapon!

So here’s the routine, and how it’s changed.

  • I still use my mixture of castor, jojoba and grapeseed oil to clean my face.  I like it; I find it relaxing to sit on the bed and watch TV while massaging the goop.  But then you are supposed to take a hot washcloth and steam your face to get all the now-gunked oil out of your pores and I was never very good with that part.  Hence the addition of…
  • The Desert Essence face wash.  It helps kill bacteria while getting everything evil off my face without being too harsh.  But then you lose that great moisturizing benefit of the cleansing oil so…
  • Four drops of jojoba oil back on the face, and the Burt’s Bees cream around my eyes.  Although honestly, I’m only using the Burt’s because I happen to have the bottle and I want to use it up.  Even on sale, Burt’s is stupidly expensive.  The jojoba does a great job on its own, including on my lips and miracle of miracles —IT DOES NOT MAKE ME BREAK OUT.  I can’t explain to you how exciting that is.  But I still felt I needed more help.  So then…
  • Back to the chemicals and the classic zit arsenal of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.  But the BP is only 2.5% (studies show it’s just as effective as 10%) and that only goes on my forehead and my jawline.  BTW, at some point my bumpy forehead cleared up and except for the occasional normal pimple it’s been better than I can remember it ever being.  Partial victory!  The SA is low also and obviously I can’t take that 4oz bottle on a plane BUT I recently found E.L.F. products at Target and they make a 1.5% SA rollerball stick that’s pocket sized and only cost’s $1.  Deal of the century.  The SA only goes on my jawline.  That’s still the area I can’t clear up, but it’s getting better because of the Secret Weapon…

Hades in a bottle.

I was researching facial peels one day and getting depressed at how much a professional peel costs, as well as going cross-eyed reading all the reviews of over the counter products.  Then I discovered that I could get professional strength peels in varying strengths and with varying acids pretty cheaply online.  Amazon, of course – don’t they sell everything these days?  This idea was dangerous.  I could seriously hurt myself.  I’m considering putting ACID on my face?  Reading about all this was freaking me out, but the price was right.  (A lot of stories with unhappy endings include that line don’t they?)  So I chose a 20% salicylic acid peel for $16. Entry level, for sally-asses.  I think I could have gotten 90%; I can’t even begin to imagine the damage that would cause.

It showed up too quickly.  I hadn’t psyched myself up for it yet and here was this little box that contained a glass bottle of 20% Hades in it.  I eyed it with dread.  Could I do this?  What would happen?

I had read that at this low strength, I wouldn’t have any downtime – in other words I wouldn’t look like a burn victim that would scare people if I went to work the next day.  But I also read a review about rinsing with baking soda and water to neutralize the acid (the bottle instructions failed to mention this, although they did advise rinsing with “copious amounts” of water) and there was a long list of don’ts for the hours afterwards (no makeup, no sun, no sweating, etc.).

So I did it.  And about once a week I do it again. It’s not comfortable – the word “sizzle” comes to mind. Probably 4 or 5 times by now and I still have 75% of the bottle left.  The objective is to not only clear up the acne but to speed up cell turnover to get rid of all the scarring and my awesome sun pigmentation.  (Yes, I’m using sunscreen religiously.)  Slow work, but I see immediate progress in the severity and frequency of the breakouts.  That’s more than I can say for anything else I’ve tried so far so I’ll stick with it.  Maybe even go with something stronger eventually, like a crazed beauty junkie.


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One Response to OCM Relationship Status Update: It’s Complicated

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m still sticking with the Desert Essences wash and then using jojoba as a moisturizer at bedtime and then St. Ives Blackhead and Blemish Control in the morning. Seems to be a pretty good combo. Not perfect, but still pretty damn good.

    I’ve gotten my co-worker and one of my students hooked on oil washing, incidentally.

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