FOOD: Bacon Cupcakes

No, really, these are goooood. Think chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon.

Plain old box of vanilla cake mix
Plain old can of chocolate frosting
Maple syrup (any pancake syrup will do in a pinch but maple is best) – @ 1/4 cup
One 16 oz. package of bacon (real bacon only – turkey bacon is an abomination)
Optional chocolate chips
Line or grease cupcake tins (makes 18-24 cupcakes) and mix and cook cupcakes according to box directions – but be sure to add the maple syrup and optional chocolate chips.
While they are baking, cook your bacon and let cool.
Once cooled, break up bacon into bits.
Once cooled, frost cupcakes.
Using @ one strip of bacon per cupcake, sprinkle bits onto the chocolate frosting.
Share them with everyone you know – when bacon gets old it gets chewy.  Bacon should never get old.

Another treat brought to you by the Furlough Day Bakery!


About deepfriedyankee

I am a parade of one. A seeker of bathtubmarys. A lover of Mardi Gras, bacon and marbles. I have the patience of a saint. A very, very flawed saint.
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One Response to FOOD: Bacon Cupcakes

  1. Rachel Beth says:

    Ha! I hadn’t even read this entry until after I posted on your FB wall. Just goes to show how awesome bacon is – especially with chocolate.

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