Golden Girl or Gangster?

If any of you have problems with chronic dry eye, you understand what I deal with every day.  For those that don’t, just thinking about trying to explain the hassles and discomfort makes me want to crawl into bed all depressed and take a nap.  But I’m not going to whine about it or get into treatment methods and such (Treatment methods.  Ha!  As if.)  Today I’m on the hunt for sunglasses.

I’ve been devoted to sunglasses for years because of the dry eye problem caused by autoimmune issues, (I have pairs stashed everywhere) but I think they must have gotten worse lately.  Either that or sunglasses manufacturers are starting to really suck at their job.  You know how you feel after going to the eye doctor for an exam and your pupils are dilated and the light is so awful you drive most of the way home with your eyes closed?  This.  Every time I leave the house.  Except my pupils aren’t dilated and time won’t fix it.  If I still lived in Buffalo it wouldn’t be a big deal since 97% of the days there are at least slightly overcast.  (I’m being kind – it’s more like 99.9%.)  But it’s just ridiculously bright in the South.

My eyes hate me. It’s early enough in the day that I don’t look high at least.

In doing some preliminary sunglasses research, it seems I want “super dark” or a #4 filter.  I grabbed the pair closest to me and see they are a #3, and those aren’t nearly cutting it.  My choices seem limited – even more so as a female, and don’t get me started on my small adult/large child-sized head.  The choices I have found seem to fall into 2 categories:

The geriatric “cocoon” glasses which will make me look like…well…an extra in Cocoon.

The Locas gangster shades.  For real.  “Eazy-Z’s and NWA’s very own Gansta Shades”.  I’m leaning towards the Homegirl 2 or Chula styles.  If I can get past the fear of some homegirl beating my ass for wearing them.  Actually no, I’ll probably try a pair of the men’s because that’s the kind they have listed under the “Dark Locs” section from what I can tell, and hope they won’t be too huge.  I can get a pair with a pot leaf on the side or in a teardrop bandanna pattern.  Oh my God, it has come to this.  I’ll let you see how awesome they are when they arrive.  I’m still worried about a beating but I think I’m safe if I avoid getting the ones that say Vato Loco on them, or the Brown Pride baseball cap.

UPDATE:  I got my gansta glasses in and they are pretty awesome.  I had been worried about the men’s being too big for my little head but actually they are right for me and tight on my husband, while the ladies ‘ are tight on my head.  Odd.   Is that so I don’t lose my glasses while running from The Law?  In any case, the men’s “Dark Locs” are doing the job!

New Locs! (The white is Locas)


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I am a parade of one. A seeker of bathtubmarys. A lover of Mardi Gras, bacon and marbles. I have the patience of a saint. A very, very flawed saint.
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One Response to Golden Girl or Gangster?

  1. Mandy says:

    You could have brown pride for Henry.

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