FOOD: Nutella Can Suck It, Give Me Honey and Peanut Butter

Pinterest needs to get over it’s Nutella obsession – it’s like the entire world just found this ingredient that’s been in stores for years.  Dare I say decades.  I’ll admit, when I was introduced to this (in college, by my roommate’s mom), I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  Then  my suitemates stuck their paws all in my jar and that kind of killed the magic.  Anyway, my point is where have you been?  It’s not like Buffalo is some groundbreaking culinary town that had all the exotic flavors you can’t find anywhere else.  It’s wings and pizza and Wegman’s for God’s sake (although I admit, I do so miss Wegman’s).

I’m okay not finding ways to stick Nutella into every dish.  By the way, it’s not healthy.  The commercials lie.  And I’m okay not setting up my food in some kind of studio lighting, as evidenced by what was probably the best snack I’ve ever thrown together just now:

Note my awesome new plates. It’s like the wedding china I never had, at last. I know I’m a dork.

Behold the mundane and ugly snack bites that will hold me over until dinner!  Tremble before the tower of dark chocolate, peanut butter, banana and honey!  Oh, the humanity!


About deepfriedyankee

I am a parade of one. A seeker of bathtubmarys. A lover of Mardi Gras, bacon and marbles. I have the patience of a saint. A very, very flawed saint.
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3 Responses to FOOD: Nutella Can Suck It, Give Me Honey and Peanut Butter

  1. Keisha says:

    I know right! It’s like Nutella is the new Kool-Aid. It’s delicious until you find out that the sugar content is equal to 3 candy bars (I just made that statistic up). You can’t just slap that stuff on toast and call it a dessert, Pinterest.And parents, it’s like crack that you don’t need to be giving to your ADHD, obese children.

  2. What is it with people on pinterest making like deep fried nutella balls and such..? It’s hardly a culinary creation and eating two would give you diabetes and rocketing cholesterol…I’m all up for deserts and sweetness but that shit’s not even inventive?

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