I May be a Little Obsessed with Nose Rings


Sixteen nose studs and one hole. Now that I can change my jewelry without the urge to faint (99% of the time), I think I’ve gotten obsessed. I am always fighting the urge to seek out new body jewelry sites and find the perfect stuff. The most hilarious thing is these studs are all so tiny, they pretty much all look alike when I’m wearing them. A few stand out, like the 2mm white opal I just got today, but mostly because I think 2mm is too large a stone for my face.

I don’t go to malls much so I’m not trying to find cheap studs at Hot Topic or Spencer’s. I do it all online, especially if I can use jewelry sale money through Paypal. I’m kind of a snob about materials – ideally, I want solid 14k or 18k gold so it doesn’t irritate the piercing like silver would. Since I’ve tried a few places I thought I would give you a review of my purchases.

The first stud in the top picture on the left is what I got pierced with, a bezel set diamond in stainless steel, 20 gauge. It was the smallest stud they had but it still sat up a little high for my taste. Part of that was a long post so it would be comfortable with newly pierced swelling but as soon as I could I swapped it out.  Of course, bezel set is nice for not having to worry about prongs catching on your sweater when changing.

One of the first places I shopped online was, oddly enough, http://www.newegg.com/ – not really a place body jewelry comes to mind but it turns out they have a ton. I got a 1.2mm smoky quartz in 14k gold that is still one of my favorites, even though the prongs are a little wonky. It came straight and I bent it myself so I could customize the fit. The smoky quartz is on the right, next to the clear retainer. Speaking of which, I hope I never have to use that retainer since it would mean I’m having surgery, an MRI, or a job interview with people who wouldn’t approve of me being me. Anyway, Newegg. Got my new TV from them as well, go figure.

By far I think the most studs have come from http://www.bodycandy.com/ – seven in all, although the two gemstone ones I’m not too happy with. I got the red ruby and the pink sapphire from them and their setting is a little high. Almost more like an earring and I don’t want to look like I’ve stuck an earring in my nose. The sapphire is beautiful and sparkly though. I just wish it sat flatter. The ruby looks more the color of a garnet which disappointed me. (I now use them both as earrings for an odd piercing.) Color is another thing so hard to tell by shopping online. The stones are sooooo tiny but the photos you see show them huge and well lit, not like reality. I’ve found that an issue at every place I’ve shopped. They have great, cheap stainless steel with crystals bezel set as well and those are the blue and green ones in the picture. They don’t sit as high as the gemstones, especially the blue “micro” stud. Plus they were only $1.99! Bodycandy usually has a coupon code and free shipping on orders over $20. The best ones I got from them would be the white gold ball and the yellow gold dome. Small and unobtrusive. What’s inconsistent about their studs though are the post lengths. I suppose everything comes from different manufacturers with different standards of normal. I’m probably done shopping with them at this point because I want more colored gemstones and don’t care for their high settings, but when one of my gold studs broke in my hands right out of the package they were great about sending me a new one fast. Oh, and the plastic retainer came from them too!

My next find was Alluring Body Jewelry out of New Hope, PA http://www.alluringbody.com/ . Pricey treats, but extremely well made. I’ve got four studs from them in 18k gold – a tiny clear diamond, a 1.6mm purple diamond, a 2mm mandarin garnet, and well…they might not be pleased to know this but I modified a rose gold hoop I bought because it turns out that hoops look TERRIBLE on me. The hoop is one with a tiny ball on the end that you are supposed to thread through backward (that right there is an impossible task for me) and the ball keeps it in place so I cut, bent and filed the hoop into an awesome teeny rose gold ball. It was perfect and not something I’d been able to find in any store in that size and color. (I should note that Alluring DOES now offer tiny ball studs in gold and platinum!!!!) They too have the problem of pictures having different colors than reality. The purple is cooler in reality and the mandarin garnet is not orange but yellow. The pluses of these studs are that the ends are extremely smooth making them very comfy to change and the prongs are nearly snag-proof.

Last but not least is my new favorite, http://www.freshtrends.com/ . A ton of choices in not only stones but sizes, gauges, and even the clarity of some of the stones. I’m thinking that for something like a 1.5mm diamond, how much difference in clarity will there noticeably be between the cheapest and most expensive? I ordered two studs to start with to see if I like their work and they came in today. One is the 2mm white opal in white gold that I am currently wearing. Very noticeable because of the size and color but I like it. I have to be careful washing my face because the prongs are long and love cotton balls. Because my nose and I have an agreement that I will not poke it more than once a day, I will try on the cognac diamond tomorrow (that’s the one to the left of the smoky quartz). Not quite the cognac color of the photo but it has great sparkle. Odd thing is, it’s supposedly 1.5mm but the quartz and the diamond on the other side are 1.2mm and they actually look BIGGER. Hm. Maybe settings make a difference or maybe it’s ridiculously hard to be that exact when talking about such small things. In any case, they take Paypal and I got free shipping which made me stupidly happy, even though the coupon code I had was not allowed for gold jewelry. I have several more things I plan to get from them now that I see their stuff and once the Paypal account balance is back up. The diamond setting was nice and low so I expect to like it tomorrow.

Got a favorite place online for nose studs? Do tell. I just can’t help myself!

UPDATE: It’s been over a year and I thought I’d just let you know that cognac diamond stud became my absolute favorite of everything. It’s my everyday stud for the low profile, sparkle, and mellow color that blends in well with my skin tone. Freshtrends seems to have become my go-to place for studs, even though their gold jewelry is made to order so I don’t get gratification as instant as other places.  People ask me now and then if I make and sell nose studs yet in my Etsy store – I don’t.  I can’t afford solid 14k gold wire and I wouldn’t use anything of a lower quality for a nose stud because I don’t make/sell things that I wouldn’t wear myself.  I also have no formal jewelry training in making things like prong settings, so I defer to the pros.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Because I was playing with a lightbox yesterday and wanted to torture myself by taking pictures of things too tiny to focus on (and because someone asked), I bring you the general line up of the most often worn nose studs with the exception of the congac diamond because I’m almost always wearing it. From left to right: 1.2mm diamond, 2mm diamond, pink sapphire (I have two – this is the freshtrends one which sits flatter, but the bodycandy one is brighter), purple diamond, blue diamond, emerald, yellow diamond, garnet, ruby (again, I have two – this is the freshtrends one that sits lower and looks more “ruby” in color), opal and opal.  Most of these are from Freshtrends and the blue diamond is probably my runner up favorite.  The three from Alluring Body Jewelry would be the small clear diamond farthest on the left, the purple diamond, and the 2mm orange garnet (which unfortunately looks more of a sickly yellow on me – they have citrine now and I’m tempted to try it and see if it is more flattering).  Not pictured because I ordered it after this photo, but I have a 3mm clear topaz too.


Last but not least is a comparison for you…1.5mm cognac diamond and 3mm clear topaz, both from freshtrends.  The topaz is way too big for my face, unless I plan to be telling fortunes, but it is pretty.


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18 Responses to I May be a Little Obsessed with Nose Rings

  1. Amy S says:


    Love your blog and your jewelry on Etsy. It is very inspiring. Hope you don’t mind me writing you an e-mail, but I feel somewhat we’ve shared a common question about wanting to have our noses pierced at 40 something. Also, I’m preoccupied with getting a nose piercing:) I don’t have any yet, but Alluringbody.com seems to have some absolutely lovely ones that I lust after. Amy I crazy?

    Was reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I noted how well the nose stud seems to suit your face and nose. You really look fabulous with it as if it had been there for years.

    I keep obsessing about getting a nose piercing and keep promising myself to just get it done. However, I keep searching for reasons that a 40 something woman should get her nose pierced facing this dilemma, but still wanting to feel sexy and attractive to my husband. I’ve always really liked the idea of a small nose stud, but I never did it because I’m was a corporate diva and didn’t want to hassle with spacers or covering it. I became a SAHM recently and it occurred to me there is really nothing stopping me anymore.

    Wondering if maybe I’m a bit too old to just be getting one. I’m 42. I know people my age who have them, but they’ve had them quite a while. I kept going through the tough question, “…am I too old?” Would this look like a mid-life crisis thing [?] I keep seeing others in their 40’s, 50’s and even one women with all grey hair, cut short who must have been 60+.

    Am searching for some advice when you had your nose pierced. I suspect you faced all these questions. What was the tipping point that made you finally go ahead and do it unlike me constantly obsessing about it. Did it hurt? Was it worth it? Would you do it again? How did friends and family handle it? Were they supportive? How did you feel and are you still happy with the decision? Ever thought of wearing a nose ring vs. stud?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Looking for ideas [?] Amy

    • I don’t think it matters when you get it – only that you want it and there’s no reason not to try it. My tipping point was just the realization that it’s not as big a deal as I was making it, and if I still wanted to try something after 20 years I should go ahead and try it. Yes, it hurt – I was surprised at how much. But then it was done. It was totally worth it, I have had no regrets or problems. Parents were not thrilled but then, parents really aren’t supposed to be happy about tattoos and piercings, no matter what your age. My husband didn’t say much but he was just happy it wasn’t another tattoo. I did buy a rose gold hoop from alluringbody and it looked terrible on me (plus, to wear it correctly you have to insert it from inside which I just can’t handle doing). I actually cut the hoop in half, reshaped it with the ball on the end as a tiny stud and it’s one of my favorites.

      Will it look like a mid-life crisis thing? Probably, but you can’t control what people think and even if it is, who cares? I think for people who know me, they realized it was a “me” thing but even if they didn’t it doesn’t matter. Only you matter.

  2. MJG66 says:

    I am 48 and got a tattoo on my 44th birthday (which was a coincidence–I decided and it turned out they have a 72 hour cooling off period so you can come to your senses). My (now ex) husband was surprised but liked it because I went with grey and white ink and it looks like it was embroidered. About 6 months later he walked out (because he was having an affair, but the official reason was I suck), and a month later I saw a picture of a friend’s daughter’s new nose piercing. It was so cute–I was obsessed, researched it, waited two months to see if the urge would pass, then did it. Mine was a pinch when it was pierced but took a bit more than a year to heal (I am a slow healer). I could not wait the full 2 months I was told to wait before I changed it, and like DFY said, it was painful enough to make me want to passout. Overall, people liked it (my sister did not–loudly!), and I created a nice wardrobe of nose rings–some pretty big, but lovely. After that, I got my tragus on both ears done, an upper lobe (which I let close) and a belly ring (this never healed, so I gave it up–plus I have a flabtastic belly, so not one would ever see it!).

    I have no regrets about the tattoo or the piercings. They make me happy, and if someone thinks I am too old, or that as a professional I should not have one, well eff-them. I never wear the big pearl flower or turquoise and CZ to work, just a discrete little diamond, or a cz flower cluster. I started only with the screw type, but have a few straight ones. They make me happy everytime I see them. Do it for you, not for others. And you can always take it out–it will eventually heal. (I also did not like the loop or the backward way to get it in place).

  3. sht51 says:

    hi…i was wondering if you prefer ordering your nose rings as fishtails and bending them yourself or if you order them already bent? and if you order fishtails, what length is a good length? i ordered a white gold fishtail from fresh trends which was 9.5mm in length and bent into an L shape….turns out it’s too short for me since i have a bump on the inside of my nose due to previous trauma. just curious if you ever had this problem. thanks

    • I order straight fishtails and bend them myself because I found typical L-shapes from someplace like Hot Topic were too small for me. However, that’s not perfect either because I have to try and line up the bend with one I already have that’s a good size – not as foolproof as it sounds. Some are a tighter fit than others. Most I buy are 9.5, sometimes I can find a 10 or 11mm. I just have a shorter L “bottom” for some to accommodate. I was afraid that might make the stud less secure when wearing but I haven’t had any problems so far.

  4. sht51 says:

    yeah…i bent my 9.5mm fishtail from fresh trends into 6mm at the bend and that left me with 3mm at the “L” bottom. The “L” bottom ended up being too short for me to feel it pass through the hole on the inside of my nose and I was afraid if i tried shoving it in, it might cause more trauma so I gave up (first time changing my nose ring). They should definitely make these fishtails at least 11mm! sigh* wasted my money…o well now i know.

  5. Don’t give up – you can try it later on when you are more confident with changing the studs. The first few months of changing things felt very weird to me but eventually I go more comfortable with it. Still can’t get a hoop to go in backwards though. I’m a total failure at that.

  6. Amy Swor says:


    Just wanted to let you know after obsessing about having my nose pierced, I finally went ahead and got my nose pierced. You were right, if I had wanted it since college, I should just ahead and try it! You were right on with your advice. When hubby gave me a gift card for my 42nd Birthday to a local piercing studio where my BFF had hers done! I called the next day and had it done. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You were the one to help me decide 🙂

    Originally he was opposed saying I was too old at 42 to have a pierced nose, however, now he thinks I “look cute with a little pierced nose.” Go figure. it’s funny how many of us have struggled with that balance of honoring ourselves and our spouses in this particular scenario. In my case, it sort of turned nicely after I made peace with the decision not to get it done for so many years. At Christmas, I went to the alluringbody.com and fell in love with the “1.6mm perfect diamond stud.” They are a bit pricey, but L-O-V-E how they look and how shiny the diamond appears. Workmanship is excellent!

    Being comfortable with a nose stud, I purchased a nose ring, just to see how I’d look with one. Admit as you said, I found it tricky to put in until I found this great video which made it look easy and simplified the approach to inserting a nose ring. Here is the link…

    Admit I may becoming a “little obsessed with nose rings also,” but there too many cute gemstones and such to chose from and I only have one nose piercing…hum…hadn’t thought about a double nose piercing yet, but will wait to hear a report from you 🙂


  7. sht51 says:

    i would love to wear a hoop but yeah…inserting it backwards is a whole other challenge. i can’t even insert an L shaped lol. have u ever removed a nose screw before? now that is a pain. by the way….i LOVE your nose ring collection! you probably have a lot more now. would u be able to do an update?

  8. Kate says:

    From my personal experience, I would not recommend buying from “Alluring Body” http://www.alluringbody.com I was excited to order two items from them – a Rose Gold nose hoop, and a Cognac Diamond nose stud. What I received was a Yellow Gold nose hoop, and a Plain Diamond, even though the Order Note enclosed with the delivery reflected that I should have received a Rose Gold nose hoop, and a Cognac Diamond nose stud (i.e. I had ordered correctly, and hence the mistake was on the part of the company).

    I sent the company two polite emails, both of which were ignored. As a business owner myself, I am confused as to how a business can operate when they provide entirely wrong products to their clients, and also then ignore their clients.

    Overall, the transaction cost me ~AUD$205 and I have neither of the items that I ordered. The website has a refund policy; however, they do not provide a Reply Paid address. Given that I have received no acknowledgement or reply from the company at all, I expect that if I returned the items for refund, I would receive neither a refund or the correct items, and hence would only lose additional costs to shipping the items back.

  9. Hi Kate, I am so sorry to hear that you received the wrong order. I found both of your emails had been automatically filtered to our junk mail, and I am very sorry for not responding earlier. I also tried contacting you through FaceBook on June 24. I will mail your correct order, and refund your card $25 to cover the time and cost of shipping the order you have back to us. Does this solution work for you? I will ship it out as soon as I hear from you. Again, my apologies. – Carolyn

  10. pamcecil says:

    Which nose jewelry company do you like the best for CZ or diamond studs and gold jewelry? I am thinking about investing in a diamond stud but not sure if it is worth the extra money over the CZ.

    • I know alluring body jewelry (alluringbody.com) is currently having a sale until December 1 and if you can afford them, their diamonds are quality! I have a few and their diamonds are beautiful. I don’t have any CZ nose studs so I can’t say for sure if the sparkle is any different.

  11. pamcecil says:

    Hi! I’m wondering if diamond nose studs are worth the extra $ over CZ. And what company do you recommend? I’ve been considering AlluringBody, Fresh Trends, Nose Jewelry and Body Candy. Those are the only companies I know. Just got my piercing 2 months ago. Really enjoyed your post! I’m 46 and decided to go for it! Thanks!


  12. Kelly says:

    Which setting sits lower, the fresh trends or the alluring body?

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