In Which I am Incapable of Developing Healthy Habits

This may veer into the land of  Too Much Information, but I’ve been thinking about all those little self- and life-improvement things I mean to do that I just can’t manage to make a habit of.  I really try to be all-around awesome, but most habits just don’t stick with me…

1.  Stop abusing the ellipsis…

2. Stop putting two spaces in between sentences.

2a.  Stop caring that people care about not putting two spaces in between sentences.

3.  Do squats while I am brushing my teeth.  Sure, it sounds great – dental hygiene AND a firmer tush!  Hardly ever happens.

4.  Get used to broccoli and brussel sprouts.  I dream of a day when science proves that these two vegetables are poisonous so I don’t feel so guilty about avoiding them.

5.  Check my car’s oil and tire pressure on a regular basis.  I have all the fluids my car could ask for…sitting in the trunk with the tire pressure gauge.  My husband is mystified that he’s the one who has to remember to do this.  Don’t I get any credit at all for at least toting all the crap around with me?  I see that as half the battle.

6.  Oil pulling.  Look it up (NO, it’s not a sex thing).  Intriguing but gross.

7. Stop watching reruns of Jackass. Oh don’t judge. Since I work in Higher Ed., I find something soothing about watching people do stupid things that I don’t have to follow up on. Plus, I think Johnny Knoxville is hot.

7a. Stop thinking Johnny Knoxville is hot.

8. Floss.

9. Use the hula hoop I bought because I heard it’s a really good workout.

10. Stop eating so much sugar.

10a. Except chocolate.


About deepfriedyankee

I am a parade of one. A seeker of bathtubmarys. A lover of Mardi Gras, bacon and marbles. I have the patience of a saint. A very, very flawed saint.
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5 Responses to In Which I am Incapable of Developing Healthy Habits

  1. My list would include: quit thinking that ginormous salads drenched in dressing constitute a “light lunch.”

  2. salpal1 says:

    lol I am with you on many of these!

  3. Mandy says:

    I am intrigued by the idea of oil pulling, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to try it just yet. Get on it so you can tell me your results.

    • I’ve done it, but not enough to make it a habit. Swishing for even 10 minutes is exhausting and spitting it in the trash can is disgusting. I don’t feel like I did much of anything.

      • Mandy says:

        I don’t think I can get past the grossness of swishing oil around my mouth at all, much less for 20 minutes.

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