Jewelry Tutorial: Super Easy Toggle Bracelets

This is one of those projects that I had to come up with myself  because I wanted something really badly and no one else was selling it.  It can’t be an original idea – seriously, I can’t believe no one else does these.  So I wanted toggle bracelets, using silk and leather as the main part and glass or semi-precious stones as the toggles.  I don’t have too many pictures for you because it’s really that easy.

Blue toggle

Blue faux suede with quartz crystal toggle using 20 gauge copper wire.

Honestly, you can pretty much see how I did it by looking at the picture.  In fact, the toughest thing about this whole project is finding toggles in the correct shape with a hole in the center. You almost always find top drilled holes and sellers look at me as a curiosity until I show them what I’m making.

Some center drilled possibilities.  Glass and freshwater pearls.

Some center drilled possibilities. Glass and freshwater pearls.

Generally, the hole you find in the correct shaped toggle candidate will not be huge.  What I prefer is a hole large enough to pull leather or silk through and knot it.  That’s awesome, and makes for a more secure toggle.  It’s also nearly impossible to find anything with a hole that large (except for a legit toggle button but I wanted glass or gemstone).  Usually, I end up using a 20 gauge wire to secure the toggle to the silk or leather, although in the case of some things like pearls that have notoriously tiny drill holes, I have had to use 24 gauge.

Rare useful things with large drill holes!

Rare useful things with large drill holes!

As you can see in the pictures above, sometimes I knot the leather into a loop at one end (I always knot silk when I’m using it) and sometimes I take wire and wrap it a few times for a more polished look.  When I have to use wire for attaching my toggle I wrap it as tight as possible around the band, making sure to get both ends as secure as possible.  Much easier when using 20 gauge wire because it tends to lay flat where you end it, smaller wire gets trickier and you have to do some messier securing.  If I had a good way to do that every time I would let you in on the secret but I haven’t perfected that yet.

Glass toggles on silk with 24 gauge rose gold wire.

Glass toggles on silk with 24 gauge rose gold wire.

When I’m using wire to secure the toggles the nice thing is I can adjust the bracelet size to a point if I’m careful.  Attach the toggle to where you think you want it.  Try it on.  See how much slack you have that you don’t want (I like form fitting bracelets and I find that makes them more secure).  Take it off and firmly pinch the sides of your toggle on the wire with one hand – don’t grasp the bracelet at all.  Slowly pull the end of the bracelet with the other hand in the direction you want.  If you held your wire tightly you shouldn’t have ruined any of the wraps you made around the toggle and you can finish up your bracelet end with a knot or a slanted cut to look cool.

So be on the lookout for cool center drilled crystals!  The leather can be cord (like the blue and the white) but I also used a larger piece of leather and just cut strips from it (the red and the green).  I recommend a 20 gauge half hard wire if you are knotting.  If all this is too complicated, I of course have some for sale on My store.


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