And That’s the Sound of Hell Freezing Over in South Carolina

I’m still kind of confused about the whole gay marriage legality issues that have happened this week in the south. Part of that is my privileged ignorance as a heterosexual who never had to worry about fighting for the right to get married, and part is that this whole “we will accept your application but won’t issue you a license” or even “we’ll issue you a license but it’s not legal in this state” seems like total bullshit. Plus it varies by county. I don’t know what this all means. It’s so much easier for me to just hit the LIKE button on a friend’s Facebook post as they announce the latest state where same sex couples can be legally wed.

Remind me again how same sex marriage between two consenting humans threatens me in the least? That’s right, it doesn’t. Wait, were you going to tell me about how it ruins the sanctity of marriage? The sanctity that we heteros are constantly spitting on with adultery, divorce, and domestic violence? Mm hmm…

I can’t even believe this is still an issue, but so glad to see it being chipped away at like a stubborn stain on the counter top. Pour a little bleach on that shit and scrub HARD because people just can’t help who they love. We all need to get over this, and by WE I mean the people who waste everyone’s time and money trying to block LOVE, for crying out loud.


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