Car Restoration will Drive Me to Drink

But today it just drove me to buy scratch-off tickets.

In my defense, things had a weird aura about them, starting with when I picked up my mail to find a package addressed to me and my husband AND FREDDIE. The package had no return address and inside I found:

Adorable and perfect for us. From the zip code in the mailing label, I have an idea who this came from but if they aren’t going to say anything I won’t spoil the random act of kindness.

Did I tell you that the day we met Freddie the Mercury at the Shades of the Past car show was the day after Freddie Mercury’s birthday? He was born on September 5. We brought the car home a week later and my husband has been working on it ever since, all day, every weekday until dark. Last week was a new carburetor, intake manifold and air cleaner. Today was welding a rod that had something to do with throttle body linkage. Today is also the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death. Today is also the day Freddie the Mercury came back from the dead and drove around town for the very first time. So excuse me if I was feeling a little like the fates were with me, and maybe the instant lottery would deliver me the $1300.00 I need for the next step: replacing the dry rotted whitewall tires.

That didn’t happen of course. Two of the three tickets I bought at the nearest gas station are losers and when he gets home, the husband will find the third one is a loser as well. I had hoped the universe would determine me worthy but I don’t blame it. After all, this isn’t life or death. Just a car. But hey, it was worth a shot! At this point in the restoration, the car is finally in the condition were told it was in when we bought it. Now on to fine tuning, tires, upholstery, replacing more old wiring, etc…

I didn’t even get to ride in Freddie today either! He toured around campus and the area for a bit and I only heard about it AFTER I got out of a staff meeting. But I hear FM was loved by all.

IMG_2180.JPGP.S.  Those are Freddie’s accessories up there, for when we take him to a car show and want to be all cutesy.  That last lottery ticket netted us a whole $4.

P.S.S. July 2015 – I decided Freddie needed his own facebook page, to keep up with his story in his own words.  Yes, I’m a dork like that.  You can like his page at 


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