It’s a Driver! Kind Of. In Which I Learn About Fuel Filters…

See that? THAT, my friends, is Freddie’s fuel filter. I realize now I’m going to need to buy them by the dozens until: regular driving flushes out all the rust from the gas tank OR we find a good deal on a replacement gas tank. My realistic side knows we’ll need to buy a gas tank. It’s one of those old car things that I didn’t know about but am not surprised by. Add that to the list of things to worry about after I come up with $1500 for new whitewalls.

We took FM to a little “coffee and cars” event yesterday which was supercool because people oooh and ahhh over his original flathead V8 motor and how pretty he is. I feel guilty, but I was secretly pleased to see some other cars that were in worse shape. After, we tooled around town a bit and I was feeling better about how he’s getting closer to being a daily driver (once I can afford to burn through that much gas). Until Freddie wouldn’t start and we were in the middle of an Ollie’s parking lot with no tools.

Today’s problem? The little fuel filter was plugged full of rust from the gas tank. This is when it’s good to have your very own personal mechanic sitting in the driver’s seat who knew enough to have two spare filters and a screwdriver in the trunk. Unfortunately he also needed a 2mm allen wrench for something under the hood and some spare gas (hey, I know how to change a fuel filter in under 15 minutes but I didn’t catch everything), but after getting a mouthful of fuel, the problem was solved. Until the new filter fills up with rust. We’ve caught some already just driving home @5 miles.


I’m told that it’s important to drive him on the regular to catch all the problems that come up so they can be added to the long list of problems. A bit depressing. In other car news, there is a waterproof cover on the way so he doesn’t have to go to our friend’s car port every time rain is threatening. A quick fix to the window seal problems.

But he’s pretty!!!

July 2015 – I decided Freddie needed his own facebook page, to keep up with his story in his own words.  Yes, I’m a dork like that.  You can like his page at 


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