How is This My First Comic Book Convention?  Easy Costume Time!

I love an excuse to put on a costume; I have no idea why I’ve never been to one of these shindigs before. I attended HeroesCon 2015 Saturday and it was pretty overwhelming. I can’t even imagine going to something on a huge scale like the one in San Diego.

Am I a comic book fan? Is “sort of” an answer? I was kind of dragged into the scene in high school by my boyfriend, spending all his money each week when the new issues came out. Hours spent in local stores pawing through cardboard boxes, and then hours spent at home studying the price guide and figuring out what to sell and what to hoard. Bored to tears, I picked up my own appreciation for Lobo and anything drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. I tried to like Sandman but it was too emo for me. Didn’t like Fantastic Four but loved when Thing would be peeking out from something on the cover saying hi.

These days, I know nothing about con characters other than going to the lastest blockbuster movie (who doesn’t cheer when they spot a Stan Lee cameo? NO ONE.) and what I grew up watching on TV as a kid (Justice League of America! Wonder Woman! The Incredible Hulk! Doctor Who! Star Trek!). I started brainstorming costume ideas on Thursday for a Saturday event and it was quickly obvious that I wasn’t going to know most of what people were into. So I did what I always do when I need random advice: I put it out on facebook. Most ideas involved way too much work or some kind of face covering that I don’t have the patience to wear all day but then my crafty friend posted one of her handmade aprons…

JACKPOT. It was out of the question that I was going to get an exact correct costume of any character with no time and little money but THIS I could work with. I would be Housewife Wonder Woman. I crossed my fingers that WW fans wouldn’t be pissed about my version and proceeded to gather accessories. (BTW, my crafty friend makes and sells all sorts of delightful aprons including this model so if you are jealous and want your own, you can contact her on etsy at The Googerhopper Shop!

So here’s what I needed:

  • Apron (got it!)
  • Red boots (got it!)
  • Blue short skirt (got it!)
  • Red tank top (Goodwill)
  • Red blue and yellow mini backpack (Goodwill)
  • Bag of red white and blue felt star stickers (Hobby Lobby)
  • Official DC Wonder woman patch (Hobby Lobby)
  • Yellow hankerchief (Hobby Lobby)
  • Yellow dish gloves (Dollar Tree)
  • Yellow jumprope “lasso of truth” (Dollar Tree)
  • Red spatula (Dollar Tree)
  • I wish I could have found a feather duster to carry

With a caribiner I hung the lasso (handles removed) and spatula on my waist on the apron tie. I stuck white stars on the butt of my blue skirt and a red one on each dish glove. I folded the yellow hankie in half, stuck a red star on top in the middle and tied my hair back with it. Sewed the WW patch on the backpack over the Jaguar (?) tag. Ta-freakin-da. It was a hit, although I kind of forgot to get a picture of me and when I remembered, of course the picture looked terrible. So I present to you my costume taken in a dark parking garage by my friend’s phone which is nice and blurry. Not suprisingly, I think I look best when blurry.

Right? Blurry rocks.

The con was a lot of fun, but so much to look at I never got to go to any sessions that sounded interesting like Violent Images or Race in Comics. Next time, I promise. And maybe I’ll spring for the photo with Stan.


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I am a parade of one. A seeker of bathtubmarys. A lover of Mardi Gras, bacon and marbles. I have the patience of a saint. A very, very flawed saint.
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