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FOOD: Orange Cranberry Cakes for Mabon!

Mabon celebrates the autumnal equinox, when day and night are equal, and this year in the northern hemisphere it starts on September 21st, ending September 29. That’s the extent of witchy knowledge dropping for you today because my practice can … Continue reading

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Emergency Spam

Someone at work mentioned yesterday that SPAM was making a comeback.  We’re not talking about junk e-mails, we’re talking about Hormel’s canned cooked pork, launched in 1937, and grossing people out ever since.  I didn’t think it had ever really … Continue reading

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FOOD: Easy Dutch Oven Bread

A few years ago I posted a recipe for bread and it was my go-to…but it didn’t always come out that well. ┬áPart was the ingredient ratio, part was getting a good amount of steam while cooking and part was … Continue reading

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FOOD: Sick day Soup

Have one of those people this week with a questionable stomach who refuses to stop eating all the spicy holiday snacks because they hate bland food? ┬áTry this soup for them, tailoring the broth and protein to what you have … Continue reading

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FOOD: Insanely Delicious Chocolate-Toffee-Pretzel Bark

Normally I ignore recipe posts on Facebook, but for some reason I opened this one and thought “huh – I might be willing to risk ruining a bag of chocolate chips for this”. That means something. It has four ingredients, … Continue reading

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FOOD: Only the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Ever

NOTE: All pictures are at the end of this post because the WordPress app is a ball-busting bitch. Carry on. I wanted to write this on Christmas Day after I tasted these suckers but we had company and I was … Continue reading

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FOOD: Chocolate Peanut Butter Paleo…Awesome Stuff

Once in a while I find something good on Pinterest that I can actually DO. Today I was rushing around and remembered that I needed to make something for a work party but I kind of had to, you know, … Continue reading

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FOOD: Two Ingredient Pancakes

I know, I know, you are thinking water and instant pancake mix are the two ingredients (smartass). WRONG! These babies are healthy and low carb. Per one serving you are only using one egg and one banana. That’s it! I … Continue reading

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Istanbul Pt. 2: Food!

Prior to my trip, I started making a list of common foods so I would recognize them if they showed up on a menu. I didn’t want to order something really scary. Turns out I never consulted that list because … Continue reading

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FOOD: Buffalo Wings – You’re Doing it Wrong

I’ve never understood what is so hard about making a decent plate of Buffalo wings (which, for the record, are not called “Buffalo” wings in Buffalo). If you go farther east than Syracuse or farther south than Erie, suddenly a … Continue reading

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