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In Spite of Fear

I wrote someone a letter this morning and told them to be brave, but know that it is also okay to be afraid.  Later I  had several people ask me what I’m doing for spring break. I told them I was … Continue reading

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FOOD: Sick day Soup

Have one of those people this week with a questionable stomach who refuses to stop eating all the spicy holiday snacks because they hate bland food?  Try this soup for them, tailoring the broth and protein to what you have … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure: Solo Hike

I’m probably the only person working in higher ed. that didn’t participate in a service project today. With deepest apologies to MLK Jr., I know I’m a horrible person. I wanted a day off and away from work/home/students/co-workers. It was … Continue reading

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It’s About Where You Get Your Energy: The Introvert on Campus

(Work in Progress – suggestions extremely welcome!) One of my projects that I am working on is trying to come up with good ways to get the introverted college student to learn successful career tactics and express their personality in a … Continue reading

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Panic Attacks and Understanding Your Symptoms

Nope, I’m not a doctor or psychologist.  But I know the pain and stress of anxiety attacks, have had a bit of training in how to deal with them and how to help others deal with them.  Problem is, too … Continue reading

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In Which I am Incapable of Developing Healthy Habits

This may veer into the land of  Too Much Information, but I’ve been thinking about all those little self- and life-improvement things I mean to do that I just can’t manage to make a habit of.  I really try to … Continue reading

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Dear Under Armour: Not All Athletes

Dear Under Armour: First, let me tell you I love you.  I really do.  You have infiltrated my life and at any given moment I am wearing one of your products.  They make me feel motivated to do better, be … Continue reading

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