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Can I Call It Writer’s Block If I Haven’t Started?

I grew up wanting to be a writer.  My early influences were fairy tales and Stephen King, which might explain some things. Throughout grade school until shortly after college, I wrote poetry and short stories, the likes of which would … Continue reading

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In Spite of Fear

I wrote someone a letter this morning and told them to be brave, but know that it is also okay to be afraid.  Later I  had several people ask me what I’m doing for spring break. I told them I was … Continue reading

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When Work is Not Your Passion: It’s Okay

I joked with a friend today ( The Amy Experience ) that I’d need to get irate about something soon because I’ve been so long without a blog post. And then it happened, simmering all evening and boiling over right in the middle … Continue reading

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Easy Consent Primer

My Facebook news feed runneth over with opinions and outrage over the recent light sentencing of the Stanford student found guilty on three counts of sexual assault.  I won’t rehash that – You’ve read plenty already I’m sure.  So many … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure: Solo Hike

I’m probably the only person working in higher ed. that didn’t participate in a service project today. With deepest apologies to MLK Jr., I know I’m a horrible person. I wanted a day off and away from work/home/students/co-workers. It was … Continue reading

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In Which I am Incapable of Developing Healthy Habits

This may veer into the land of  Too Much Information, but I’ve been thinking about all those little self- and life-improvement things I mean to do that I just can’t manage to make a habit of.  I really try to … Continue reading

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A Sadly Sucky Disney Vacation

In Disney’s defense, all vacations can’t be great vacations – not even Disney vacations. Although getting a raging stomach virus on your birthday really sinks it for them. And I wasn’t the only one. When you see sawdust (at work … Continue reading

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Gets All Nature Girl and Makes Beauty Shit

Turns out the best way to get me to do a project is to promise to teach someone else how to do it. I committed to doing a program for students on sustainable beauty and cleaning products. Making face toner, … Continue reading

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The Three Day Diet Skeptic

I’m going to try the Three Day Diet, aka the Military Diet, aka the Cardiac Diet. And if I’m going to do something as dumb as trying a fad diet, of course I’ll blog it for you. I’ve never done … Continue reading

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My Workout Rules for YOU

Let me preface this with: I am terribly proud that you work out, no matter how sporadically you do it and how badly you are dressed for it. I am in no position to talk about fashion sense or your … Continue reading

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