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Can I Call It Writer’s Block If I Haven’t Started?

I grew up wanting to be a writer.  My early influences were fairy tales and Stephen King, which might explain some things. Throughout grade school until shortly after college, I wrote poetry and short stories, the likes of which would … Continue reading

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I Really Didn’t Need to Know That

Here I am, just minding my own business making the Wal-Mart list, when I get this sage advice from the recliner: “By the way, don’t ever use your scrubby glove to scrub your private parts. It takes off skin.” W. … Continue reading

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The Secret Southern Slang

I tell you this because I care, dear northern friends. Many of you have started saying this cute little southern colloquialism and run the risk of saying it to someone southern. Bless your heart. In the words of Inago Montoya … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Take Pictures of in Memphis

Some of the best stuff happens when you don’t have a camera, or have one but don’t think to use it.  So it is with this past weekend’s trip to Memphis.  Turns out that after downloading pictures, I find that some of … Continue reading

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In Which We Get Verbally Dressed Down by Immigration…

CLT Immigration Officer to my husband (please read with a Jamaican accent as well for extra realism):  Mr. Andrew…what do you do for a living? Andy:  Nothing.  I was a student and I just graduated. IO:  And what did you do before that? … Continue reading

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The Best of the Redneck Jokes

While looking for a file at work, I realized just how overgrown all the drawers have become and how disorganized things are.  So I start looking through all the junk I can throw out and get sidetracked by a folder … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Rednecks

We’re watching My Big Redneck Vacation tonight and I just learned that my husband is in denial about who he is. The show started off with people frog gigging, shooting and jumping in mud, among other pastimes.  He turns to … Continue reading

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FOOD: King Cake, Complete with Disturbing Imagery

One day I will publish a cookbook titled “Things I Can Make that Don’t Taste Like Crap”.  Until then, I will post such things as this. Since I’m coming down off my post-king cake sugar high I will not go … Continue reading

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Bloody Lobsters, Rooster Teeth and Clowns

I have a standard list of things I always look for secondhand: Levi’s, cashmere sweaters, silver plated flatware and old Buffalo Sabres items.  But the real fun of someplace like Goodwill is the random shit that jumps out at you … Continue reading

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