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In Spite of Fear

I wrote someone a letter this morning and told them to be brave, but know that it is also okay to be afraid.  Later I  had several people ask me what I’m doing for spring break. I told them I was … Continue reading

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When Work is Not Your Passion: It’s Okay

I joked with a friend today ( The Amy Experience ) that I’d need to get irate about something soon because I’ve been so long without a blog post. And then it happened, simmering all evening and boiling over right in the middle … Continue reading

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Easy Consent Primer

My Facebook news feed runneth over with opinions and outrage over the recent light sentencing of the Stanford student found guilty on three counts of sexual assault.  I won’t rehash that – You’ve read plenty already I’m sure.  So many … Continue reading

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I Really Didn’t Need to Know That

Here I am, just minding my own business making the Wal-Mart list, when I get this sage advice from the recliner: “By the way, don’t ever use your scrubby glove to scrub your private parts. It takes off skin.” W. … Continue reading

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A Bad Week for Turkey: In Which I Defend My Right to Travel

Poor Turkey.  Between the U.S. Embassy bombing in Ankara and the death of Sarai Seirra in Istanbul, it’s having a very shitty week.  I’ve been following Sarai’s story through Twitter since the day her family flew to find her.  Obviously, … Continue reading

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To My Teenage Self:

For some reason I was thinking about what I would say to myself if I could go back in time to when I graduated high school.  Without destroying the space time continuum, of course. Guess what?  Your beliefs haven’t changed – they only … Continue reading

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Hello world!

My new blog. It has that new blog smell… I’m not sure what my goal is for this blog, but I’ve been missing one for a while now and wordpress looked like a good one to try next.  Maybe this … Continue reading

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