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Havana, Cuba for 28 Hours

A cruise (Norwegian) took us to Havana for 28 whole hours.  Not much at all, but at least there was an overnight in Cuba instead of just a few hours of one afternoon.  There’s so much I didn’t see, haven’t … Continue reading

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In Spite of Fear

I wrote someone a letter this morning and told them to be brave, but know that it is also okay to be afraid.  Later I  had several people ask me what I’m doing for spring break. I told them I was … Continue reading

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Random Mardi Gras Wisdom that Fits Nowhere Else

I think I’ve finished up whatever helpful information I have for Mardi Gras newbies; this is really more of a catch-all location for random tidbits that pop into my head as I am packing and planning for The Event.  Rather … Continue reading

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The Fable of Someday

I’m packing for a trip today, and tomorrow I leave for New Orleans. Yes, Mardi Gras.      I almost hate to tell people where I’m going when I travel (especially the annual Mardi Gras trip) because without fail, they … Continue reading

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A New Orleans Love Note

By 6:45 Sunday morning, both my bronchitis and my antibiotic decided I was done sleeping.  Looking out the hotel window, I see there is already a line forming at Mother’s.  It’s grey and sun is just starting to show off through … Continue reading

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Learning About Your Community Through Geocaching

I’m always shocked to find out that almost nobody knows what geocaching is.  I love it – when I’m not being too lazy to do it.  I learn so much about where I live and the places I travel when … Continue reading

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A Sadly Sucky Disney Vacation

In Disney’s defense, all vacations can’t be great vacations – not even Disney vacations. Although getting a raging stomach virus on your birthday really sinks it for them. And I wasn’t the only one. When you see sawdust (at work … Continue reading

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